Sohni Innovation: “The Direct Printing Technology”

Sohni Innovation is Sunlight’s one of the top brands. Sunlight Wood Products is the only company in Pakistan to introduce innovated panels (Direct Printed Chipboard and MDF): Sohni Innovation. With Hi-tech European Printing Machines and imported waterbased printing raw materials, we assure our customers with consistent quality, high scratch resistance, economical but executive finish. This is why Sohni Innovation is of high quality, strong and high durability and overall it is zero-emissions as the printing material is eco-friendly and waterbased. Sohni Innovation replaces old fashioned short cycle lamination products which cannot guarantee that the board thickness and other mechanical properties will remain unchanged. Sohni Innovation on Thin MDF does not wrap nor does it bends as Direct Printing Technology does not change MDF’s mechanical properties, making it economical for all kinds of use. We assure of high and consistent quality because all the process is taken under one roof under the supervision of our foreign consultants, highly trained staff and quality inspectors.



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