SunlightWood is a company established in 1984 always accepting challenges and gaining market share. Sunlight, under different brand names, produces plywood, reconstituted veneer ply, veneer boards, teak veneer ply, teak veneer boards, chip boards, melamine faced laminated chipboard and melamine faced laminated MDF.
Plywood is our oldest and first product line. We later expanded into manufacturing fancy veneering. In 1992 we imported a plant to manufacture chipboard which started production in 1996. In 1999, we added another chipboard line which started production in April 2000. In 2002 we added another chipboard line, specially to product thin chipboard (4mm to 12mm thick) qualifying SLWP as the largest chipboard producer in Pakistan.

In 2003, we added a short cycle lamination plant which has started production.
Currently, we are installing a MDF (medium density fiber board) plant which will begin production by 2005. All these products are available directly from the factory or you can contact one of our dealers closest to your location.
If you wish to become a dealer or want to purchase in bulk, you may contact us via our web form and our sales department will soon contact you

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We are running our company on Italian Technology and hire Italian Consultants to boost our company's production and quality.




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