Sohni Veneered Doorskins

Sohni Doorskins are now also available as Sohni Veneered Doorskins and for the first time ever in the world, we proudly introduce Sohni Innovation Doorskin on Direct Printing Technology. Sohni Innovation already printed with exotic wood grains like Mahongany, Beech, Oak, 85, 556 to give doorskins a new, fresh and executive perspective. Sohni Innovation Doorskins are ready to be installed because high quality Top Coats ensures scratch resistance and water resistance. As no further process is required (for example: polish, and lacquering), Sohni Innovation Doorskin is very economical and is as simple as installing the doors at home… Hassle Free Odorless Doors!

Doorskin sizes:

Thickness (tolerance)

3mm (+/- 0.1mm)


7’ * 3.5’
7’ * 3.25’
7’ * 3’
7’ 2.75’
7’ * 2.5’
7’ * 2.25’
7’ * 2’

Scratch Resistance
(for Sohni Innovation Doorskin)


Swelling with Water
(for Sohni Innovation Doorskin)

8 hrs




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